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Nik Baker's uses the finest of ingredients from across the world. With us you don't just eat, you feed your senses. Every food item at Nik Baker's is as pleasing to your eyes and nose as it is to your tongue. For that to be possible we make sure to abide by the strictest baking industry norms and standards. We ensure fine food quality and guarantee safety via our certified and experienced chefs and bakers. We maintain relentless hygiene and focus on delivering fresh products every time.


Nik Bakers redefines the experience of fine eating with its pleasurable ensemble of snacks, desserts and numerous recipes that are a well guarded trade secret. Chef Nik, the man behind this awesome brand came here from Australia with a truck load of accolades. The art of baking has since moved beyond bowls of butter and sugar. Nik Baker’s creations set the bar too high and people have simply been in love with it over the years. It promises great taste, gorgeous décor, incomparable ambience and fine quality in all its products.


  • Can never get enough of this place ❤ Location : Sector 35 Main market. What to order : Anything! Literally everything on the menu is delicious! Have had pastas, sandwiches, nachos, bruschetta, pizzas, cookies and I can still go back and gorge on everything there! Love their cake shakes ❤ Do not miss out on this one !
    Prerna Kapoor
  • Fabulous Cafe!! Finally Visited the famous Nik Baker's & had a gala time. The cakes, the shakes & everything presented is so visually appealing. We ordered: Choco truffle cake shake: super thick, super filling & absolutely delicious. Chicken tikka bruschetta: good amount of delicious chunks & super cheesy. Chicken & cheese foccacia baked sandwich: humongous yet delicious & super filling. Loved it to the core. Veg Nachos: these are the best ever nachos i ever had. Good amount of veggies & equally good amount of cheese. Perfect!!
    Neeti Bhat
  • Just one word for this cafe. "fabulous" anyone travelling to just cant miss this place. Had gone there for breakfast and right from waffles, pancakes, omelette everything was out of the world. Their desserts are amazing too especially the banofee pie.
    Divya Khettry
  • Its always a delight to choose nik bakers for the birthday cake and we made the right choice yet again. Rainbow cake here was damn sumptuous had it to the last bite can always go for their red velvet too.
    Shivam Madan
  • Eagerly wating for delicious cake:) ur food quality the best:)
    Sofia Malhotra
  • Honey almond cake it's very very tasty and very popular cakes from Nik bakers
    Naresh Thakur
  • I thought I should drop you a quick message to let you know that they absolutely loved the cupcakes. Your service was impeccable! If you need me to write a review anywhere, do let me know. You have been very kind and helpful, thank you
    Oshin Chopra
  • When you think about celebration,do think about Nik Bakers. They are masters of baking products.There is so much freshness in their bakery products that you can not resist without trying it. Do try Fruit cake and Red Velvet cake.
    Harsharn Kaur
  • This was supposed to be the longest review I had ever written since this place has moved me! But I am going to keep this brief and precise! This place is perfect, literally perfect! I could not find a single flaw for the three hours I spent here yesterday! Food! Well, I had a veg burger, a waffle with Belgian chocolate and vanilla crème and fries. The burger was so delicious that at one point I was in dilemma whether I eat it quickly or slowly to enjoy it more! The waffles were the highlight of the day, even though I realised the waffles were average but that chocolate syrup and the vanilla crème! Just melts in your mouth making you feel the foodgasm! The fries, God so good! Ambiance! So this place is beautifully decorated with very nice and witty images. The music is perfect unlike other places I know which play trash! The staff were so humble and swift! You, if you are reading this, If you are in Chandigarh, mohali or anywhere where you see a Nik Baker's, take my advice. Go In! You'd be thanking me! I wish they open soon in Delhi!
    Akhilesh Anand
  • Nik baker's is good option to order cakes . Home delivery service is available here and good cakes varieties also there. delivery is good.
    Sakshi Aggarwal
  • When ever I m in Chandigarh I make sure I have my favourite Ferrero rocher shake from Nik bakers . I rarely eat any thing cause it's so filling for me . It is always a cheat meal for me
    Shahzad Ali
  • Nik is well known in TriCity due to their multiple locations at 35 and Aroma. Elante outlet of theirs is well located in a visible corner as you step out from the escalator. I dropped in here for enjoying a cricket match on a Sunday morning. Tried fruit punch and nachos which are actually my all time favorite! Nik has maintained their food quality over the years
    Akshaydeep Punj
  • Cool place to sit and sip on your coffee along with the best bakery products in town! The german hot dog is decent, and irish coffee spot on
    Akshat Agarwal
  • Fabulous!! This place is just a mecca for food lovers. Its a Bakery run by a Professional Baker from Australia. This place has a lot to offer, from breads to cookies to pastas, sandwiches, mouthwatering desserts and supet amazing cakes and a lot more. On recommendation of the cashier, i tried the mix sauce pasta, it was just too delicious, with lots of zucchini n broccoli and with a rich creamy sauce. Also i tried the fries with exotic masala toppings and mayo, Delightful it was. I am very happy with the service and the quality, and i would highly recommend this place.
    Rudra D Pawar