The flavor of the bread reflects Chef Nik’s passion for his work.

    Whether you want to make a homemade wrap or a grilled sandwich… Nik Bakers would provide with a wide array of Artisan healthy nutritious breads starting from our most loved Multi-Grain to 100% Atta Bread, 7 Grain Bagels, Baguettes, Oats Bread and much more.

    Nik Baker’s keeps diversifying the quality of its bread by playing around with the composition and the types of ingredients used. Every single loaf is made to perfection with the finest ingredients from all around the world tingling all the five senses of a customer.

    Our breads are baked fresh everyday and all the locations of Nik Bakers are fed early in the morning with these wholesome breads from our State of Art Manufacturing Unit.

    We do not add colour in any of our bread products.