Chef Nik (Director)

Mr. Nikhil Mittal is the Executive Chef of Nik Baker's. He studied in Australia and was honored as the Best Pastry chef of South Australia. He returned to his home town Chandigarh with a  vision of opening his own bakery. He started his brand in 2006 and is continuously growing as the leading bakery in North India.

Vinod Mittal
(Managing Director)

He is the Managing Director of the company. He's the prime motivation behind the concept of Nik Baker's. He helped Chef Nikhil Mittal visualize his dream. Under his guidance and management today, Nik Baker's is touching new heights.

Nittin Mittal (Director)

Mr. Nittin Mittal is the Director of the company. He took Nik Baker's to a whole new level with his out of the box thinking and his phenomenal understanding of the international market trends. He plans and executes the ideas of infrastructure, ambiance and various other operations.